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Green Party LogoMaine Greens Hail Ranked Choice Voting

Maine Green Independent Party

November 14, 2016

Gil Harris, 603-986-5405
Nancy Allen, 207-326-4576
John Rensenbrink, 207-725-6955

Gilbert Harris of Limerick, co-chair of the Maine Green Independent Party (MGIP) , today hailed the victory of ranked choice voting in Maine.

"The majority of Americans did not vote for Donald Trump, just as a majority did not support Governor Paul LePage," said Harris.

"We take heart from the victory Tuesday of ranked choice voting, which removes a barrier to our election campaigns. People now can fully vote their conscience. The spoil-specter that has often derailed our best efforts is gone. Voting has opened up for other voices and choices, both within and without the existing parties."

Harris affirmed his party's intent to continue efforts to open up the electoral system by running candidates for any and all local, state, and national offices. The MGIP will also work to implement further reforms proposed by the Green Party since 2000, including abolition of the electoral college, national ranked choice voting, full public financing of elections, free and equal media coverage and inclusion of all candidates in debates.

"These reforms could have prevented a Trump presidency, and given all Americans a true voice in determining their future," said Harris. "We are proud Maine is the first state in the country to choose ranked choice voting. We hope that the civil, fair and positive campaigns that result will provide an example the rest of the country will follow."

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