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Green Party LogoJill Stein Addresses Wyoming Green Party Meeting

July 20, 2016

Wyoming Green Party

Hailey Redden, Co-Chair
Wyoming Green Party

Bern Haggerty, Co-Chair
Wyoming Green Party

The Wyoming Green Party held its statewide meeting on July 19. The meeting included a combination of long-time Green Party members, young voters, and supporters of the Bernie Sanders campaign.

Dr. Jill Stein, the presumptive Green Party Presidential nominee appeared by telephone and opened the meeting with a status report on her nationwide campaign. She laid out her plans for solving both the economic and ecological crises according to a "Green New Deal." Stein called for a cancellation of student debt and free public higher education. According to Stein, 42 million voters are in student debt, enough to constitute "a winning plurality" in the Presidential election. Stein called for a welcome path to citizenship and an end to destructive policies like the drug wars, NAFTA, and coups in Latin America that have created the immigration crisis. She also called for law enforcement policies that "put communities in control of police instead of police in control of communities," as well as a foreign policy based on "international law and human rights" and a "peace offensive."

Facebook page likes for the Stein campaign have increased by 100,000 people in the last week, and people are "flooding in" from the Sanders campaign. Stein reported that she and her campaign are actively considering Vice Presidential candidates, with a decision expected soon. Among her goals are to "diversify the ticket" and to reach out to communities of color.

Attendees selected four delegates and two alternates, by consensus, to represent Wyoming at the Green Party national convention in Houston the week of August 4-7. Delegates are Nick Phillips and Harmony Kunzler of Cody, Matthew Link of Cheyenne, and Christiane Dechert of Laramie. Alternates are Ma'ikwe Ludwig of Laramie and Hailey Redden of Green River. Redden and Bern Haggerty of Laramie were chosen as state Co-Chairs, and Dechert was chosen as Treasurer.

The meeting concluded with an update on statewide ballot access efforts.  Stein needs 3,302 signatures by the end of August to appear on the ballot in Wyoming.