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Green Party LogoMaine Greens Lead Fight to End Corporate Personhood

December 11, 2013

For Immediate Release


City Councilor David Marshall 207-409-6617

AUGUSTA, MAINE - Members of the Maine Green Independent Party represented the majority of the six signers on the citizens initiative to order the Legislature to call on a Constitutional Convention, with the purpose to overturn the Supreme Court's "Citizens United" decision and end corporate personhood. Green Independents Jacqui Deveneau, Philip Worden, Bruce Gagnon, and Portland City Councilor David Marshall were four of the six signatories on the citizens initiative filed with the Office of the Secretary of State this afternoon.

If the group is successful in collecting around 60,000 valid signatures from Maine residents and a majority of voters support the referendum, then the Legislature will be ordered to file for a Constitutional Convention for the United States. The purpose is to amend the US Constitution to clarify that corporations are subservient to the people and money is not free speech.

"The Supreme Court ruling on Citizens United vs. the Federal Elections Commission prevents Congress from enacting laws that limit spending on elections," said Councilor David Marshall. "The Court threw out the McCain-Feingold Act, a bipartisan law that limited spending on elections, on the basis that corporations are people and money is free speech. Now corporations are free to spend without limits to influence elections. The people have only one route to correct this mistake of the Supreme Court and that is to amend the US Constitution. I'm excited to be part of this dedicated group of Mainers working to change history."

The petitioners gather under the name of We The People Maine with Naomi Cohen as the organizer, Councilor Marshall, Deveneau, Gagnon, Worden, and State of Maine Senator Edward Youngblood (Republican Senate District 31, Hancock and Penobscot Counties). Petitions will be made available after review by the Secretary of State.

The Portland City Council passed a resolution on January 18, 2012 calling on the State Legislature and Congress to move to amend the Constitution in order to overturn Citizens United vs. FEC.


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Bruce Gagnon (Photo Credit, Bruce Gagnon)

David Marshall (Photo Credit, Alan Armstrong)

Jacqui Deveneau (Photo Credit, Jacqui Deveneau)

6 Signers with submitted paperwork (Photo Credit, Anthony Zeli)