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Green Party LogoMichigan Greens Call for Repeal of Wolf-Hunt Bill

Green Party of Michigan

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December 12, 2013

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Legislature's Decision to Allow Hunt Not Justified by Science; Also Shows Contempt for the People's Power of Referendum

The Green Party of Michigan (GPMI) has adopted a resolution opposing the wolf hunt authorized this year by the state Legislature in Public Act 21 of 2013 as cruel, unnecessary, unscientific, and undemocratic.

GPMI made the decision after hearing from the sponsors of two citizen petition drives to keep Michigan wolves protected -- one deliberately nullified by the Legislature's action -- and from Native American tribes who claim their treaty rights to be consulted about the wolves' fate were ignored.

Linda Cree, a member of the GPMI's State Central Committee who lives in a rural/wilderness area of the Upper Peninsula, proposed the resolution.

"Most of my extended family are hunters, and good ones," Cree says. "They put a lot of food on the table through hunting. Greens support such regional self-sufficiency. But obviously, the wolf is not being hunted for food."

Two-time GPMI gubernatorial candidate Doug Campbell adds, "The current Legislature is violating the voice of the people, clearly expressed in a legitimate referendum petition.

"If people want representatives who respect their voting and petition rights, they should elect Green legislators instead."

John Anthony La Pietra, GPMI's elections co-ordinator, agrees. "Those in power in Lansing, Republicans and Democrats, keep stealing power from the people. End runs around referendum efforts on this issue and the Emergency Manager law are just two examples -- not to mention making it harder for voters to recall unresponsive representatives."

La Pietra, an election law and civil-rights attorney from Marshall and GPMI's 2010 nominee for Secretary of State, has drafted a petition for a potential state Constitutional amendment to clarify that the people's referendum power covers all laws except those whose single subject is appropriating state money or meeting deficiencies in state funds.

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