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Green Party LogoMichigan Greens Post List of Candidates "Qualified for Endorsement"

Green Party of Michigan

News Release
May 14, 2008

For More Information, Contact:
Fred Vitale, Chair
GPMI Media Committee

First 5 Have Taken Steps to Be Taken Seriously by Interest Groups, Media, and the Voters

List Will Evolve as More Candidates Campaign for Nominations at Convention and Caucuses, Held Through the August 5 Primary, for the GPMI Spots on the November 4 Ballot

The Green Party of Michigan may not be on the ballot for August's primary. But GPMI is posting its own list of candidates who are actively competing for places on the November 4 general-election ballot . . . in the Green column.

GPMI believes the candidates on its new "qualified for endorsement" list are exactly that: just as qualified as Democrats or Republicans to be considered -- by the voters, by the media, and by any public-interest groups for their endorsement.

The list is posted on line at the Michigan Greens Web site:

"These first five candidates have taken solid steps showing they intend to run serious and legitimate Green campaigns," notes GPMI Elections Co-ordinator John Anthony La Pietra.

"They've shown us they're meeting or exceeding what the laws require them to do to register their candidate committees. They've answered a candidate questionnaire, and told us about their backgrounds and how their views of the issues match up with the Ten Key Values of the Green Party. And they've started gathering the personal endorsements of other GPMI members.

"So we're posting their names online at our Web site to recognize their efforts -- and to let the public, the press, and candidate evaluation committees across Michigan know there's another list of candidates they should be finding out about."

The first five candidates qualified for endorsement are:

Anthony America of Port Huron
US Senate

Candace Caveny of Lapeer
US House/10th District

Matt Erard of Ann Arbor
Michigan House/53rd District

Dwain C. Reynolds III of Middleville
State Board of Education

Jean Treacy of Gwinn
US House/1st District

More candidates are starting to get their campaigns going, and in the process are meeting several of the list requirements. And more GPMI members -- and more people attracted to the idea of a party of principles -- are expressing interest in running as Greens.

The next candidate to qualify for the list may be Jody Beaubien, of Saint Clair Shores. Beaubien is new to GPMI, but is working hard to be the Green nominee for the 24th District State House seat.

La Pietra says GPMI will maintain and update the list at least until the candidates on it start becoming Green nominees. GPMI has not yet decided whether to hold its statewide nominating convention before or after the national GPUS convention in Chicago July 10-13. Green candidates running for constituencies within a single county may also be nominated at county caucuses, all of which must be finished by the August 5 primary.

But State law keeps Green candidates out of that primary -- and so off the candidate lists Republicans and Democrats were rushing to get on by Tuesday. Many interest groups have built their endorsement processes around the primary filing deadline, and seem to view candidates on the primary lists maintained by the Bureau of Elections and the state's 83 county clerks as the only real candidates.

So GPMI decided to create its own initial list of serious Green candidates, and post it at the same time as the primary lists. The party hopes interest groups and the media will see and use both sets of candidate information now.

And La Pietra hopes they'll come back -- realizing that the Green list has the potential to grow and become more newsworthy over the next three months, while the line-ups of the primary-bound parties will be set in stone until August.

"We'll watch to see if the media and the public- interest groups take us up on this new set of candidate information we're offering them at a time when they're already focusing on publicizing other candidates.

"If they want to help their respective audiences cast informed ballots, they should jump at the chance."

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Green Party of Michigan
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GPMI was formed in 1987 to address environmental
issues in Michigan politics. Greens are organized
in all 50 states and the District of Columbia. Each
state Green Party sets its own goals and creates its
own structure, but US Greens agree on Ten Key Values:

Ecological Wisdom
Grassroots Democracy
Social Justice
Community Economics
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Personal/Global Responsibility
Future Focus/Sustainability

Contact Information for Candidates on GPMI "Qualified for Endorsement" List

Anthony America -- US Senate
America for US Senate
2373 Military
Port Huron, MI 48060

Candace Caveny -- US House/10th District
Friends of Candace Caveny
PO Box 1043
Lapeer, MI 48446

Matt Erard -- Michigan House/53rd District
Committee to Elect Matt Erard for State Representative
641 Prentis St. #G3
Detroit, MI 48204
Erard is in the process of moving back to the district (Ann Arbor).

Dwain C. Reynolds III -- State Board of Education
Committee to Elect Dwain C. Reynolds III
725 Perch Cove Court
Middleville, MI 49333

Jean Treacy -- US House/1st District
Committee to Elect Jean Treacy for Congress
P.O. Box 3285
Kalamazoo, MI 49003
Treacy is in the process of moving back to the district (Gwinn).