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Green Party LogoStatement on the Boston Marathon Tragedy


[The following statement on the Boston Marathon tragedy was issued on behalf of the Green Party's Massachusetts affiliate by the state co-chairs, Jill Stein and John Andrews.]

April 20, 2013

John Andrews, Tel. 781-862-6498

The terrible events that occurred at this year's Boston Marathon and in the following days have deeply impacted us all, and on behalf of the Green-Rainbow Party we wish to extend our heartfelt sympathy to the hundreds of innocent people whose lives have been scarred by these events.

The spirit of the Boston Marathon is that it welcomes visitors from all lands to Massachusetts, to celebrate not just athletic achievement, but to honor all those who tackle the 26-mile course, whether old or young, male or female, able-bodied or handicapped, gay or straight, Christian or Muslim or other religion, whether from the United States, or Kenya, or Ethiopia, or Germany, or Russia, or any other nation in the world. It is this celebration of the worth of all people that truly makes the Boston Marathon special. We join with the people of Boston and Massachusetts in affirming that while despicable acts may shatter the peace momentarily, we will not let such acts destroy the global community spirit that the Boston Marathon embodies.

Even as we strive to attend to the injured and to prosecute those responsible for criminal acts, we affirm our commitment to breaking the cycle of violence and retribution that feeds upon such tragedies. What we experienced in Boston is sadly familiar in many places in the world where innocent people continue to fall victim to explosive devices, drone strikes, artillery barrages, and other forms of brutality . We must as a people stand united in the cause of peace and respect for human life, knowing that the best possible answer to the purveyors of violence is not more violence, but our determination to stand firm in honor of our common humanity.

- Jill Stein and John Andrews, Co-chairs
Green-Rainbow Party