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Green Party LogoGreen Party of Mississippi statement on the Keystone XL pipeline

8 Gumtree Drive
Oxford, MS 38655

Jan Hillegas, Chair

October 31, 2012
For immediate release

The Green Party of Mississippi protested the Keystone XL Pipeline in Jackson Wednesday, while its Presidential candidate, Jill Stein, joined the "Tar Sands Blockade" in Texas.

"Keystone, NO, Renewables, YES - Vote Green Party," said a green sign outside the Mississippi Economic Council's Mississippi Hobnob 2012 at the Agriculture and Forestry Museum.

Canadian Ambassador to the U.S. Gary Doer was invited to the annual event for government and business leaders. Doer and Governor Phil Bryant said that if the Keystone XL oil pipeline is built from Canada to Texas, "energy trade between Mississippi and Canada would boom."

Other signs at the Jackson protest read, "Invest in Energy We Can LIVE With," "Sustainable Energy Profits ALL. Say NO to Greed," and "'Trade' Handshakes; Sun Shines Everywhere! Vote Stein/Honkala - Green."

"If President Obama's 'all of the above' energy policy is pursued, it's 'game over' for the climate," said Stein. "Romney once was honest about climate, but now is parroting industry lines. Hurricane Sandy is not the first warning we've had. Let's not let there be another such warning before we act decisively to move to a new green economy."

Jill Stein and her running mate Cheri Honkala are among six teams of candidates for President and Vice President on Mississippi's ballot November 6. Their Green New Deal addresses climate, employment, education and many other issues and may be seen at