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Green Party LogoGreens Urged to Act Tonight to Keep Stein in Debates

Friday, October 24th, 2012

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Today Cheri Honkala, vice-presidential nominee of the Green Party of the United States circulated a letter stating: "We need you to vote online right now to send Jill to the next Free&Equal third-party debate in Washington, D.C."

Free&Equal organized last night's debate to which they invited the Presidential Candidates who had met the criteria traditionally used by the League of Women Voters when they hosted the nationally televised Presidential Debates. Next week, Free&Equal will hold a follow-up debate between the two candidates who garner the most votes in an online poll, which closes at 10:30 pm Eastern this evening.

"Time is short, momentum is building and with your help we can keep our Green Presidential nominee in front of the American public in next week's debate," said Bruce Dixon, Chairman of the Georgia Green Party and Managing Editor of Anyone with access to a browser and an email address can participate by going to:

The LWV criteria included all candidates who's name appeared on sufficient ballots that with voter support they could win the electoral college and the election. After John Anderson's showing in 1980 and Ross Perot's campaign in 1992, the Commission on Presidential Debates, a private corporation, largely funded by Anheuser-Bush and controlled by lobbyists and operatives from the corporate parties organized to prevent the participation of any party other than the Democrats and the Republicans. The League of Women Voters refused to participate in what they called the 'hoodwinking of the American public' by hosting a debate they characterized as 'fraudulent'.

Ever since then the nominees of emerging political parties have been denied access to the debates and since 2000, Green Party candidates have been repeatedly arrested when attempting to gain access. Ralph Nader won a settlement against the CPD stemming from his 2000 campaign and this year Dr. Julia Stein is litigating the issue after spending eight hours hand-cuffed to a chair by the CPD only to be released without charges.

Last night's Free&Equal debate was originally to be available only by internet streaming. But after the English editions of Al Jazeera and Russia Today agreed to broadcast these debates to their audiences, C-SPAN announced yesterday that they too would broadcast the event.

This election cycle a number of organizations, starting with have hosted debates among the candidates, using video and web streaming technologies to include the candidates excluded by the CPD in 'mash-up' debates with the candidates who did the excluding. Video archives of these events are linked and embedded on the website of the Georgia Green Party with most accessible from the featured content slideshow on the front page. By Friday, a comprehensive archive will be published at:

As Ms. Honkala put it in her email, "We have only a few hours left so every vote will count, please share this with your friends. Thank you for your support!"

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