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Green Party LogoGreen Party Says that Opportunity to Ballot Primaries Are Unconstitutional

For Immediate Release

Green Party of New York State

Peter LaVenia

The Green Party said today that it would ask the Board of Elections to reject any non-enrolled Green Party who won a series of opportunity to ballot write-in campaigns yesterday for their ballot line. Several such primaries took place yesterday across the state, (e.g., Senate District 40 and 46).

The Green Party's rules prohibit individuals enrolled in other ballot qualified parties from appearing on the Green line. The Democrats and Republicans however have written the state election law to allow non-party members to win the ballot line of other parties without their permission by petitioning for a write-in primary.

The Green Party asserts that this law violates their constitutional first amendment right to freedom of association to determine who represents their party.. According to Richard Winger, editor of the national Ballot Access News, prior court decisions strongly support the right of the Green Party to prevent opportunities to ballot (e.g., California Democratic Party v Jones (2000) and New York State Board of Elections v Lopez Torres (2008).

"We don't want voters fooled into voting for candidates that have stolen the Green Party line. Unlike other third parties such as Working Families, we are not interested in being an appendage of the two corporate parties who do the bidding of the 1%. We only want to field candidates who are accountable to the working class and middle class majority and reflect our values and vision for a green world." said co-chair Peter LaVenia.