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Green Party LogoPA Greens Object to Corbett's Corporate Welfare

May 8, 2012
Green Party of Pennsylvania
P.O. Box 11962
Harrisburg, PA 17108-1962

The Green Party of Pennsylvania (GPPA, objects to Gov. Corbett's recent announcement of corporate welfare at the same time he is eliminating financial assistance for disabled Pennsylvanians. GPPA Chair Carl Romanelli of Wilkes-Barre responded to this announcement by recommending that "Corbett get down off his high horse and put that $30 million back into General Assistance, where it is needed."

On April 30, Governor Thomas W. Corbett announced that Pennsylvania will donate $30 million in economic development grants to Delta Airlines to help them purchase the ConocoPhillips Refinery in Trainer, PA, just south of Philadelphia.

Corbett told the press, "We believe it was a tremendous investment. Delta is matching our investment 10 to 1."

GPPA Secretary Katrina Brabham of Allegheny County explained, "Of course, Corbett would like taxpayers to think of this corporate welfare as an investment, but taxpayers will not receive Delta stock or a guarantee that they will receive more than $30 million in benefits. This is no investment, it's a straight-out giveaway."

"At the same time Corbett is announcing money for Delta, he's completely eliminating General Assistance, which affects 68,000 people," noted GPPA Steering Committee member Hillary Kane. "This is funding for the disabled and victims of domestic abuse. Apparently Gov. Corbett doesn't think those people are a good investment," she continued.

Corbett also said that the Delta deal "demonstrates how the private sector and government can work together." GPPA Treasurer Vivek Ananthan of Philadelphia answered, "The private sector and government can work together more efficiently if that $30 million was spent educating the next generation of citizens or hiring unemployed Pennsylvanians to repair the Commonwealth's crumbling infrastructure."

The Green Party of Pennsylvania is independent political party that stands in opposition to the two corporate parties. The Green Party of Pennsylvania stands for grassroots democracy, social justice, nonviolence, and ecology. For more information on GPPA please visit

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