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Green Party LogoArkansas Greens Running for Office
Jim Lendall, Public Relations Coordinator, Green Party of Arkansas

Just to remind you that the Green Party is still looking for candidates for the Arkansas General Assembly (for instance, NLR's District 39) and for Congress, as well as local races.

On Saturday, April 12, 2008, the Green Party of Arkansas nominated, during the first session of its nominating convention, 3 candidates for Congress:
U.S. Senate - Rebekah Kennedy
U.S. Congress Third District - Able Tomlinson
U.S. Congress Fourth District - Joshua Drake

The Green Party of Arkansas is second of the 3 major parties in Arkansas in the number of candidates running for Congress this year. Candidates for the remaining unopposed seats and for state and local positions will be nominated at the June 21 final session of the Green Party Convention.

Over 80% of the candidates in the November elections are unopposed. How can it be called democracy if there are no choices? People interested in being Green Party candidates for any Federal, state or local offices can find information at the Green Party web site.