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Green Party LogoGeorgia Greens Call for Boycott of Georgia

Monday, May 9th, 2011

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Bruce Dixon, 678-298-9463 x3
Press Secretary, Georgia Green Party

Blame Deal's Failure to Veto Brown Codes on Economic Impact to State

In a roll call vote Thursday night by a unanimous State Committee, the Georgia Green Party called for a travel and tourism boycott of Georgia if Governor Deal should fail to veto HB-87.

Friday at noon, the Governor signed the reactionary bill into law. Georgians, and all who visit or travel through Georgia, are now subjected to a law which Greens and others have dismissed as the Brown Codes, harking back to Georgia's history of Jim Crow, and the de-jure discrimination codified as the Black Codes.

Adam Shapiro, Co-Chair of the Party and the host of an Atlanta area radio talk show said, "We strongly urge those who wish to do business with the State of Georgia to refrain from doing so. We're committed to working for the swift repeal of this white supremacist agenda from the Georgia Code."

"I don't know how we can persecute people who are economic refugees, sometimes fleeing extreme violence in their own country, and yet we treat them as people who have the potential to harm us -- almost as terrorists," said Denise Traina, a physical therapist from Augusta and former cochair of the Georgia Green Party. "How can we deny them the same freedoms and safety that we all seek for our families?"

"Georgia has a reputation for two kinds of Southern Hospitality. There are those among us who have extended a cordial welcome to the stranger, sure that we have often entertained angels unawares. But we must own that our history also includes the hospitality of the lynching bee. The enactment of the HB-87 Brown Codes makes that hateful hospitality the law of the land," said Hugh Esco, Georgia Green Party Secretary, who manages a small business based in Decatur Georgia. "HB-87 hands our most fear-driven citizens to act out with their private cause of action, which I suppose is better than a noose. But why would our governor let white fear tear apart immigrant families? Deal should leave this in Arizona. Watch that example tank their economy. But now he is bringing this down on us as well."

Intent on defending 'our immigrant neighbors', Thursday night's resolution urges Greens and other justice-loving members of the public to build participation through their faith, professional and organizational affiliations.

Thursday night's resolution also directs that a compatible resolution be put before the National Committee of the Green Party of the United States. The Georgia Party's Delegation to the National Committee is working with the Arizona Delegation on a paper being considered this Saturday by Greens in the state whose SB-1070 last year kicked off a wave of immigrant bashing in state assemblies across the country.

Shapiro, who currently serves as a Delegate from Georgia, added, "We hope with Arizona's co-sponsorship, to file this paper as early as next week for consideration by our National Party."

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