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Green Party LogoGreen Party Demands Mural's Return

For Immediate Release
Portland, Maine 03/29/2011

Jeremy Corbally-Hammond, Mgip Chair, 207-786-0086
Nate Shea, Mgip Media Contact, 207-745-4517

The Maine Green Party strongly condemns the unwarranted removal of the labor mural in Augusta by Paul LePage. This action, taken by a governor elected by only 38% of Maine's voters in the last election, is an insult to all Maine people - to Maine's artists and its hundreds of thousands of Maine working people. It is a gratuitous and uncaring assault on Maine's proud history.

The Maine Green Party questions why so much energy is being spent by Governor LePage on symbolic attacks on working people instead of devoting his efforts to policies that would improve the lives of Maine's working people by bringing sustainable jobs to our state. The Maine Green Party strongly opposes this symbolic attempt to revise and delete Maine's rich labor history.

We demand the mural's immediate restoration and an apology by the Governor.