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Green Party LogoGovernor making 'terroristic' threats to voters over May 19 election, Greens charge

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Friday, May 15, 2009
Susan King, spokesperson, 415.823-5524
Cres Vellucci, press secretary, 916.996-9170

Governor making terroristic threats, and may be in delusional state in last ditch effort to intimidate voters to approve ‘rotten' May 19 ballot props, charges Green Party

SACRAMENTO – Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger's announcement that he will lay off 5,000 state workers and cut money to the elderly, blind and disabled if voters do not approve the ballot measures in Tuesday's special election are terroristic threats, the Green Party of California charged Friday.

"He's threatening the people of California, especially the poorest and sickest, if they don't bend to his will. This is just another form of terrorism," said Joe Feller, a member of the state party coordinating committee.

The Green Party opposes passage of all the propositions Tuesday because it says it's a "rotten deal" for Californians.

"The package is a rotten deal, and it gives voters no real choice, except to get shot in the leg or shot in the arm. Now the governor is using Hollywood scare tactics to threaten voters, and leave them without jobs and services," added Wes Rolley, co-chair of the U.S. Green Party EcoAction Committee.

The Governor is also delusional, said the Greens.

"He is delusional if he really believes that this is not, as he said Thursday, about him and the legislature. The voters of California know whose fault this mess is, and they'll vote that way Tuesday - terroristic threats or not," said Alex Walker, a Los Angeles area Green.

The Green Party insists there are many ways to cut through the budget gap, among them raising taxes on the very, very wealthy, and eliminating the huge tax breaks given owners of commercial property through Prop. 13.

"Democrats and Republicans are offering no fundamental fixes. There are billions of dollars in savings if we employ single payer universal healthcare, decriminalize pot and hemp, reform the prison industry and convert to green technologies. Until they are willing to do that, these ‘leaders' cannot be taken seriously," said Tom Bolema, a Sonoma County Council member.