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Green Party LogoGlobal Warming: How Immediate is the Crisis?

Global Warming: How Immediate is the Crisis?

Babylon Green Party
P.O. Box 6037, North Babylon, N.Y. 11703

Contact: Ian S. Wilder 631-422-4702

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On Wednesday, April 1, 2009 at 7:00 pm, the Babylon Green Party Gathering will feature Dr. Scott Carlin, the founder of the Long Island Climate Solutions Network, speaking about Global Warming: How Immediate is the Crisis?  ( Carlin's speech is  part of the Babylon Green Party's 100 Days Series which is featuring topic that need to addressed in the first 100 days of the new presidency.  The event will be held at Pisces Café, 14A Railroad Avenue, Babylon, NY (631-321-1231) Come hungry! For directions to the Babylon Green Party Gathering, call 631-422-4702 or email Children are welcome. All gatherings are free of charge, and open to the public.

"Global Warming is not just a crisis of ecology, it effects our economy and our ability to produce energy", said Carlin. "One hundred years ago the atmosphere was at 275 parts per million (ppm) of carbon dioxide. We are at a decision point right now. We have increased to 387 ppm, and are continuing to increase 2ppm every year. This is beyond what our world can handle.If we continue on the same path, we will soon face a Mad Max world of starvation, wars and environmental die-off on a scale we have not seen. We need to decrease to 350 ppm to be safe. If we want to repair our world with love and reverence, we must make 2009 a year of monumental change. The model we have right now of an economy run by corporations was destined to fail us. Corporations are legally required to place the interests of shareholders ahead of planetary health. We need a broader model of democracy which will allow us to quickly and fairly dial down our consumption while focusing on fulfilling basic human needs."

As an an accomplished environmental activist and geographer, Carlin has advocated sustainable development principles for the past 15 years. In 1995, Carlin completed his Ph.D. in Geography from Clark University.  From 1996 to 2004,  Carlin was Co-Director of Long Island University’s Institute for Sustainable Development.  He also co-directed Southampton College’s Greenprint program, which advocated LEED construction standards, environmental literacy, wastewater management, recycling, and renewable energy.
Carlin has been an Associate Professor of Geography in the at the C.W. Post Campus of Long Island University since the fall of 2005. He founded the Long Island Climate Solutions Network ( in 2007 and he joined the Town of Southampton ’s "Sustainable Southampton" Advisory Committee in 2008. Carlin is a senior editor with ClimateCaucus.Net, ( an outgrowth of the 2007 United Nations conference, "Climate Change: How It Impacts Us All." He also serves on the international advisory board for the Graduation Pledge Alliance ( , which encourages graduating high school and college students to lead lives of social and environmental responsibility. Carlin is currently writing a book examining sustainability issues in suburbia. 

Babylon Green Party Gatherings are held on the first Wednesday of every month. The May 6, 2009 Gathering will review Obama’s First 100 days from a Green Party Perspective with former Green Party of New York State Co-Chair Ian Wilder.  The June 3, 2009 Gathering will feature musician Stephanie Carlin.

The Green Party is an alternative party to the Democrats and Republicans. The four pillars of the Green Party are: Nonviolence/Peace; Grassroots Democracy; Social and Economic Justice; and Ecological Wisdom.  For more information about Green Party activities, please go to or call Green Party of Suffolk Chair Roger Snyder at 631-351-5763. You can enroll in the Green Party by checking the box marked "Other" on the voter registration form and writing in the word "Green" on the line next to it.