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Green Party Logo2008 CT Greens Win Twice The Votes Of 2006

Green Party Of Connecticut

News Release- November 6, 2008- for immediate release

Tim McKee, CT Green Party spokesperson and National Committee member, cell (860) 778-1304 (best) or (860) 643-2282,

Mike DeRosa, State Co-Chair, (860)956-8170 or (860)919-4042 (cell)

Scott Deshefy, Candidate for 2nd District Congress, (860)642-7066

Green but Growing

Connecticut Greens released 2008 election result numbers that more than doubled 2006 Green Party state wide votes, as early election numbers were announced today.

Tim McKee, a State Party spokesperson said, "In Our First Slate of Congressional Candidates, despite mostly being shut out of the large TV debates, any evening news coverage and 90% of print coverage, Green Congressional candidates totaled over 25,000 votes on shoestring budgets. Facing million dollar war chest, large political machines and professional politicians, we gained a lot of respect in the debates we were in. Many editorials and reporters said we added a lot to the debates with our issues."

McKee explained, "In 2006, we ran our first statewide slate of constitutional officers and our top candidate got about 10,000 votes, in fledgling new campaigns. This year we more than doubled that number for our slate of Congressional candidates. It is a great start for our small but GROWING party. We think we will retain at least 3 of the 5 ballot lines for 2010 races. If we can spend the time raising money, instead of collecting tens of thousands of signatures just to get on the ballot, we can be even more completive in the next races."  

The Green Party will now be seeking local candidates for the 2009 municipal races, citing Windham’s First Selectperson Jean de Smet and New Haven Alderman Allan Brison as examples of local Greens who won in 2007. Greens have 5 elected offices and serve on dozens of boards and commissions across the state. In the U.S., Greens have elected about 225 office holders, ranging from school boards to Mayors.
McKee added "The Greens have always been strong in states like California and Maine, but we are excited to see new areas in the South, for example, like Arkansas where a Green received over 200,000 votes for Senate and they elected a Green as a State Representative.

More election numbers will be released at a later time and published at

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