The Green Party has asked Green leaders from all over the US to tell America what a Green President of the United States would do during the ‘First 100 Day’s of his or her administration.

Green candidates and members of the Green Party’s Speakers Bureau submitted video clips and short essays to describe what they’d do if elected to the White House and what Green steps President Obama should take to resolve the nation’s problems.

“This is our Inauguration Day gift to Barack Obama and to America.  We celebrate the landmark election of America’s first African American president, but we’re worried that Barack Obama will retreat from his promises of change, especially given some of his Cabinet appointments.  That’s why we’ve collected these recommendations from prominent Green Party members,” said Sanda Everett, co-chair of the Green Party of the United States.

Readers and viewers of the videos are encouraged to post their comments in the links below.


battista_942John R. Battista, M.D.
Coordinator of the Connecticut Coalition for Universal Health Care


An International Perspective on Health Care Reform

read more about Dr. Battista here . . .



czech_94Brian Czech
Ph.D. ecologist and Certified Wildlife Biologist


Steady State Economy

read more about Mr. Czech here . . .


morgen-darc-head-shot-100-d2Morgen D’Arc
Co-Founder, Co-Spokesperson and Former Co-Chair, National Women’s Caucus; Chair, Cumberland County Green Party; 2002 Candidate for Cumberland County Register of Deeds; National Green Party Delegate, 2002-2006 and 2007-present, Maine


Women: Rights, Issues And Conditions. A Breakthrough Agenda

read more about Ms. D’Arc here . . .

kathydoppKathy Dopp
M.S. Mathematics, Executive Director, National Election Data Archive, UT


Election Integrity

read more about Ms. Dopp here . . .

forthoferron_94Ron Forthofer
2002 Green Party candidate for Governor of Colorado, 2000 candidate for Congress, CO


U.S. Foreign Policy for the 21st Century

Israeli-Palestinian conflict

read more about Mr. Forthofer here . . .


derek-honkyd_greenDerek Iversen and the GPUS Eco-Action Committee


First 100 Days Energy and Environmental Policy



cynthia-mckinney-red-approvCynthia McKinney
2008 Green Party Candidate for President


Discussing Palestine, Israel, and her trip on a relief boat destined for the Gaza

More from Ms. McKinney on the Middle East


rensenbrinckJohn Rensenbrink 


1996 Green Party Candidate for U.S. Senate from Maine
founding member of the Green Party of the United States
founder of the Maine Green Independent Party

Policies for The First 100 Days of a Green Party Administration in Washington

read more about Mr. Rensenbrink here . . .




taylordeanna_94Deeana Taylor
Co-Coordinator, Desert Greens Green Party of Utah, 2006 Green Party candidate for Salt Lake County Council


for Single Payer

read more about Ms. Taylor here . . .

wellslaura_94Laura Wells
2002 and 2006 Green Party candidate for State Controller, CA



read more about Ms. Wells here . . .


Jana Zara
Advisory Neighborhood Commission, SMD 1D01, Washington, DC


Statehood for DC

read more about Ms. Zara here . . .

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