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GPUS 2010 Annual Budget - Case Statement

Table Of Contents

This GPUS Budget Case Statement presents the central vision of the GPUS and what makes it unique, the needs its addresses and how it does so, and how people can be involved.

I. What does the GPUS raise funds for?

A. Organizational Purpose (from GPUS Bylaws, Article I)

  • Assist in the development of State Green Parties
  • Create a legally structured national Green Party Federation

B. Programs:

  • Provide tools and support for Green Party candidates and campaign staff to run effective campaigns, through campaign schools, campaign hotline, and on-line and printed resources.
  • Build media coverage of Green Party candidates and campaigns
  • Build the national presence of the Green Party
  • Maintain the single, definitive official source of record for the history of all Green Party candidates and elected officials
  • Provide tools for states and local Green Parties to build lasting, democratic structures through national meeting workshops, database, fundraising, and organizing and outreach tools.
  • Share/communicate success stories, best practices and lessons learned from state Green Parties
  • Maintain Green Party National Committee status with the Federal Election Commission
  • Green Party Presidential Nomination Convention
  • Ballot Access
  • Green Officeholders Network
  • International Responsibilities
  • Legal Representation

C. Capital Enhancements:

  • Computerized telephone system
  • Online open source database with managed permissions under development
  • Enhanced IT infrastructure
  • Hardware/Software for Intern workstations
  • Fundraising Analysis
  • Hardware/Software upgrades for entire office
  • Server

D. Building and Endowment (Long Term):

  • Purchase building in DC to provide workspace and living space for future generations of Green Party staff, interns and volunteers.

II. What resources do we have?

III. What resources do we need?

  • Stronger mission statement to replace existing organizational purpose
  • Strategic planning and short and long-term fundraising goals
  • Strategic messaging: macro and micro
  • Reinvigoration of Fundraising Committee, choosing Chair(s)
  • Training and participation of the National Committee in fundraising
  • Involvement and training of state parties in helping with fundraising
  • Lists of donors and members from state parties
  • Lists of donors and volunteers from candidates
  • Personal solicitation prospecting by candidates of their donors and volunteers
  • Resources from current and former Green officeholders
  • Regular communication and promotion to Green listservs
  • An assessment of public opinion regarding the GPUS
  • Pool of IT volunteers
  • Translators and non-English materials
  • Clarifying Donor Intent in Fiscal Policy

IV. By what methods do we raise money?

  • General Mail (non appeals)
  • Direct Mail Appeals
  • Phone Bank
  • Personal Solicitation
  • Web appeals
  • Events
  • Online General
  • Other

V. By what programs do we raise money?

VI. What are the sources for our messaging?

  • Platform
  • Position Papers
  • Candidates
  • National Committee and subcommittees
  • State Parties
  • Media Coordinator and Media Committee

VII. Which markets do we want to approach?

  • Individual donors
  • State Committees
  • National Committee and subcommittees
  • Organizations that share Green values
  • Foundations (for small, project focused grants)