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Clockwise from top left:
Walter Bresette - Green Party Elder
The Origins of May Day - The Bay View Tragedy
Rep. Victor Berger - Milwaukee Socialist
Sen. Fighting Bob La Follette - Progressive Party Champion



Milwaukee, A Proud Heritage

Milwaukee is a city with a proud political heritage, in a state with a rich progressive tradition. That tradition that lives on today in the Wisconsin Green Party, and in Milwaukee Green Alderperson Don Richards and Social Development Commissioner Robert Miranda!

The celebration of May Day as International Workers Day has its roots in the struggles of 19th century immigrant workers in Milwaukee's Bay View community. Southeast Wisconsin's opposition to slavery, and to the Fugitive Slave Act in particular, gave rise to an abolitionist secession movement which won significant support in the governor's office and legislature both. Wisconsinites of the 20th century founded such organizations as the National Organization for Women, United States Student Association, National Education Association, Sierra Club, AFSCME, among many others.

Wisconsin's most important political contributions have included three major progressive political parties. The Republican Party was founded as an abolitionist, pro-suffrage party in Ripon, Wisconsin in the 1850s. The Progressive Party had its hay day under the leadership of Fighting Bob and Belle La Follette. The North American Green movement was co-founded by Anishinabe (Chippewa) leader Walter Bresette, a Red Cliff, Wisconsin activist. Furthermore, Milwaukee, Wisconsin served as home to three generations of Socialist Party elected officials, ending in 1956 with the completion of Frank Zeidler's last term as Mayor. Zeidler still lives in Milwaukee.


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